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Silvia Grav is a Spanish
artist and director
based in Los Angeles.


    Born in Vizcaya, Spain, in 1993.  Being 18 and after dropping out Fine Arts the first year, her work became known after being published in Juxtapoz and many other blogs and cultural magazines. A year after Flickr chose her as one of the “20 Under 20”, an award given to the best young photographers around the world under that age. That opportunity took her to United States
for the first time. Since then, she’s based in Los Angeles and has been exhibiting
and working worldwide on many different projects for companies like HBO, Droga5, 
Elastic, Lexus, Concord Music, Ninja Tune, etc, also giving workshops and conferences
around the world talking about her experience as a young artist.  She teaches at since 2013, having by now more than 4k students.



 o creative studio,



13.7135° S, 76.1842° W

Talking about Silvia is not easy. She is many different things at once. Self-taught, compulsive illustrator, photographer, writer, video artist… Obsessive. She’s probably the only one who can really say what she is.

“If by style we mean aesthetics, I guess I’m a mixture of the beauty I find in what I see every day, and with that I mean, almost exclusively, art by other artists. There was a time when the mechanism became active and I became conscious of all I was missing. Then reality became a habit, a routine. It had always been so, but I hadn’t noticed up to then. I was invaded by a strange void, and then began all the existential crises and rollercoasters of frustration and motivation, etc. In the end I had to assume that the only way to change, of leaving behind the monotony of watching days go by without appreciating them, was through imagination. But that only exists in the mind, and I needed something more physical. And that was were art came in. And I could have summarised this by saying that my style is only a projection of the world I would have liked to inhabit.”

Silvia Grav, the Basque Country, once day not so long ago.



AMERICAN HORROR STORY “APOCALYPSE” main titles. designer & colorist. Prologue films


concord music group Documentary director. van william in alaska
fabric london promo - daphni.


New Madrid poster - Natalia Marin. Madrid, Spain.
Ouros Album artwork  - Zachary Gorman. Washington, WA.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, ny. The dissapearances Book cover.
New RX Lexus, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and Team One.
Rioja Culture Center - film director. Logroño. Leon, Spain.
Source Material, light of poster collective. Los Angeles, CA.
a Thousand Tongues poster,  Nini Julia Bang show in Poland. Denmark.


fabric london - film director. Illum Sphere. New York, NY - London, UK.
The New Division new album - photographer. Los Angeles, CA.
Kiven new album- creative director  Los Angeles, CA.
Alma Har'el private commission photographer. Los Angeles, CA.
Kiven music video - director - Los Angeles, CA.
New Interpretation Center of Babia. photographer. Leon, Spain.


Educator. at since 2014.