Silvia grew up in a little Spanish southern town. Obsessive kid, her lack of attention only seems to be useful when she draws. So she tries Fine Arts after but drop off after the first year. Then becomes another autodidact and poor artist.  

She starts sharing photos online, and after a few moths, her work becomes viral and she get her first payed project. People keep sharing it for a few years more.


02. MADRID _ NEW york

Flickr selected her as one of the 20 best photographers under 20 years old around the world, and flight her to NY.

During the same trip she gets hired by a film director in Los Angeles, and flies there.

Falls completely in love with the city. Moves there after a month.


03. Los angeles.

Her obsession with Los Angeles doesn't go away, so after three years living between USA and Europe she decides to get her artist visa and stays permanently. 

In all this years she have worked