Carmina passed away two years ago. A few months before, she asked me to photograph her and use her body to create something from it. She knew I like dark things, and thought I might like to do that. I couldn’t be more opposed. But. She said she wanted to be remembered, and that was bigger than my fear. I took her photos the same day I first hugged her for the first time since I was a child. I always loved her face, specially her deep black eyes, now darker because of the sickness. Looking at her with the amount of detail and time the camera let me appreciate transformed the fear into something a little bit more physical, but I didn’t tell her then. I still hoped I was going to be able to show them to her after she wasn’t sick anymore.

All the benefits of this copies go to her two children, my cousins Rocio and Laura.
This is the first photograph of a project dedicated to her.

Limited serie

Digital photography printed on Hahnemuhle cotton paper.

19,60x23,60 inches, 50x60cm

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